Name Membership Type Date of Application Status
1 Robinson, Dale Surfski affiliate 18/04/2021 Registration Received - Not Processed
2 Hewson, Fraser New Member 15/04/2021 Waiting for Proof of Payment
3 Veitch, Lauri-Anne New Member 27/03/2021 Waiting for Proof of Payment
4 Chaston, Guy Current Member (Late) 11/03/2021 Waiting for Applicant to respond with further information
5 Maclaren, Stuart Current Member (Late) 10/03/2021 Waiting for Additional Payment
6 Walters, Gary Current Member (Late) 08/03/2021 Waiting for Additional Payment
7 Price, Danica New Member 04/03/2021 Waiting for Proof of Payment
8 Jacobson, Jamie Current Member (Late) 12/01/2021 Waiting for Proof of Payment
9 , Spare 30/11/-0001 Space
10 , Spare 30/11/-0001 Space